Newson USA LLC Headquarters

Newson USA LLC is committed to delivering the highest value in micro-machining services, laser processing, laser-positioning systems and laser-optical sub-assemblies.

The services Newson USA LLC provides can be summarized in one word micro-machining.

We provide these services in a variety of Markets:




Oil and Gas Exploration.




If you have critical applications that need to be resolved efficiently and reliably, you can count on us!

We are the sole distributor of the patented rhothor™ Deflection Systems and flight™ Software Products in the USA. This technology is revolutionary, allowing for fast, accurate positioning of Laser beams. Practical examples of this application include: Laser micro-machining, Laser marking, Laser via drilling, photo-voltaic isolation, direct imaging of dielectrics, and glass 3-D images. Our rhothor™ systems outperform the out-dated technologies currently in use by an impressive factor of 2-3 times the speed using only a quarter of the energy. This means our rhothor™ systems retain the ability to achieve better accuracy at more than twice the speed of conventional motors used in scanning and galvanometer systems. Our patented technology is rapidly being integrated into capital equipment in the industrial marking, semiconductor, PCB, and photo-voltaic markets.

In addition to the rhothor™ technology, we are your resource for OEMs, Integrators, and End Customers who have a need for highly-specialized, optical Laser-positioning and micro-machining applications. We develop and design various components of production equipment. These components are closely associated with the optical train and positioning of Laser beams. Together with our partners, we deliver whole optical trains for CO2 and solid-state Laser systems. We are able to deliver samples, prototypes, first-article inspection runs, as well as, low volume-production of parts throughout the start-up phase.

We look forward to making you successful.

Alex Schreiner

General Manager